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Simple Simon July 26th 17 02:02 PM
I have a TP-Link Archer VR900 Router. I want to stop one device accessing the internet at all times but still be available on the local network. I have looked at access control and parental control but neither seem to be able to do this. Suggestions (other than get a new router )
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Murmansk July 22nd 17 09:20 PM
I'm upgrading from standard Plusnet broadband at about 12mbps to fibre at about 38mbps They say they're going to send me a new router which is fair enough but it set me wondering - exactly why so I need a new router or what is it about faster speed that the current router can't cope with?
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Anthony R. Gold July 22nd 17 04:58 PM
I will soon be moving home and want to retain a beloved landline number and presume there is no equivalent of Retention Certificates available for cherished vehicle registration numbers. Can anyone suggest an economical VOIP service provider to which the number might be migrated? I prefer a supplier with free incoming calls and no standing monthly charges.
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Graham J[_2_] July 21st 17 07:26 AM
A friend has a Sky TV system. There is a main receiver and several slave boxes. I cannot at the moment tell you the model numbers or other details. All are connected to WiFi Access Points and hence via his router to the internet. His house is fairly large and several access points are required to get good coverage. He does have Cat5 Ethernet cable installed at every location where the...
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DrTeeth July 17th 17 05:59 PM
I need to buy a spare one of these cables. I have a VSDL connection. Does it matter if I buy one that says that it is suitable for an ADSL connection? I don't know if they are wired any differently. Ideally I am looking for a shielded cable. If anybody has any info on where I could get one I would be obliged. I am looking for one myself as I type... Many thanks -- Cheers,
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Adrian Caspersz July 16th 17 10:08 PM
If I wander in there with n devices connected to their wifi, can the interfaces talk to each other as well as the net? I'm hoping the answer is no... as I'm dreaming up a shared internet facility trying to keep student users roughly isolated on a simple switch (no VLAN support). Current plan is multiple DHCP leases, all individually on their own local lan subnets, each subnet connected to...
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Theo[_2_] July 14th 17 07:46 PM
Quick sanity check: the way Openreach ISPs implement ADSL these days, is it necessary to program the router with a username and password to authenticate to the ISP, or is it entirely done by which line you're on? Does the same apply for LLU ISPs? For FTTC, do you still get given an Openreach VDSL modem, or is it integrated now? If you change fibre ISP, do you keep the VDSL modem (with any...
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7[_2_] July 4th 17 05:50 PM
BT and Openroach Lies about leased line? ---------------------------------------- BT (British Telecum) with biggest thieving of public purse Deutch Telecum owner of BT following the same corrupt practices as they do in Germany with the least best telecum network in EU, have for years been milking UK plc with fake leased line invoicing.
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R. Mark Clayton[_2_] December 3rd 15 04:51 PM
Roughly every month BT Yahoo! decides that my password needs changing. Usually if I happen to access my email while out and about and not from my own BT broadband connection. This is nuisance as I have to update the settings on my PC, tablet and phone. Last night I had to change it four times in fifteen minutes. What a PITA. When are BT finally going to get a decree absolute from Yahoo! and...
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kevin February 22nd 06 08:44 PM
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