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Richmond[_2_] Yesterday 11:20 AM
I have been using Session Chat for sipgate and it seems pretty good. I had been considering abandoning sipgate for skype, but now I am not so sure. Here it is: http://www.sessiontalk.co.uk/iphone-sip-voip-phone-dialer/ I am not connected in any way to the company, I just installed the free app and started using it. I get no complaints about echo anymore.
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Murmansk August 20th 17 08:01 AM
I have a Sipgate account and as well as accessing it at home using a Cisco ATA attached to my router I also access it using Csip Simple on a Motorola Moto E Android mobile phone. The problem is that on the mobile phone I keep getting voicemail notifications implying that I have a Sipgate voicemail message but I actually never get any voicemail messages on Sipgate, these are all false alarms...
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Chris Green August 19th 17 05:57 PM
A little while ago I asked in here what were the chances of getting my FTTC connection moved from a distant to a closer cabinet. The answers in general were not encouraging. Well, it seems it's happened all by itself. We had a total loss of service a couple of days ago, I reported it to Plusnet and they said it was due to a major system problem of some sort and that I'd get the connection back...
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Theo[_2_] August 19th 17 11:23 AM
Is there a downside to signing up for Openreach FTTC for a short period? If I have a line that's happily on ADSL, and I decide to subscribe to FTTC, at the end of the FTTC contract how easy is it to go back to ADSL? Do you get hit by (dis|re)connection fees? Or are there any other problems with switching from FTTC to ADSL? (I assume they actually re-jumper you back to ADSL, rather than run...
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Dave August 18th 17 02:25 PM
Hi, My Linksys SPA3102 has just died (Flashing red power LED) and wondered what the latest replacement would be ?? (FXS and FXO ports) It fail due to a mains power fluctuation ! Dave.
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Woody August 15th 17 10:45 PM
"Tim+" [email protected] wrote in message news:[email protected].. Okay, not actually cable but like the other piece, found under a hedge near where Virgin have been cabling. https://goo.gl/photos/9A5y715Nj2Pv5Y58A 1/2" diameter, four empty colour coded tubes within an insulating sheath with foil screening.
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Andrew Benham August 10th 17 05:45 PM
On Wed, 09 Aug 2017 18:30:32 +0100, Adrian Caspersz wrote: On 09/08/17 17:27, Tim+ wrote: Our streets are being cabled at the moment and I found an offcut piece of "Virgin cable" under a hedge. life sure is lonely being an offcut, that virgin cable ain't gonna mate with another. I'm so sad for it.... So if you've ever wondered, this is what it looks like...
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Chris August 8th 17 12:33 PM
https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/aug/08/average-uk-broadband-speed-europe-germany-spain-singapore We're worse than most EU countries, but better than France and Italy.
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Adrian Caspersz August 3rd 17 07:25 PM
Been to someone's place today, where their ADSL broadband works fine but no dial tone. So disconnected all, and metered across the A/B pair where the drop wire comes in. Less than a volt. Is this a fault? The abode doesn't have any wired telephones - the multiple residents tend to use their mobile phones, so I'm suspecting the contract might be 'broadband only' - but I've only heard of that...
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Graham J[_2_] July 21st 17 07:26 AM
A friend has a Sky TV system. There is a main receiver and several slave boxes. I cannot at the moment tell you the model numbers or other details. All are connected to WiFi Access Points and hence via his router to the internet. His house is fairly large and several access points are required to get good coverage. He does have Cat5 Ethernet cable installed at every location where the...
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kevin February 22nd 06 08:44 PM
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