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7[_2_] Today 01:20 PM
Anyone know of symmetric gigabit (under 50) FTTP industrial estates in or near Lee Valley / London? Services like those offered by Hyperoptic, Gigaclear and B4RN elsewhere.
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MB[_2_] February 20th 17 11:51 AM
Just been told about someone whose new BT Home Hub caught fire. Not sure of what type, it was described as having two antenna but I thought my Home Hub 6 was the last type and that has no external antenna? It seems it was supplied with a 24 volt Wallwart but should have been a 12 volt one. I looked at my Home Hub 6 and the power socket is just marked "POWER" with no voltage indicated. ...
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Vir Campestris February 19th 17 11:46 PM
The bad news: When we moved in BT promised FTTC by Christmas. That was 3 1/2 years ago. It still hasn't happened. The good news - we can now get FTTP instead. 330Mbit and now I can laugh at the people who post 60MBit rates :) Does anyone know what this involves? I gather the ISP will supply a fibre modem, but I suppose I'll need a firewall/switch/access point for my internal network. How...
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critcher[_3_] February 19th 17 09:27 PM
is it not possible to wipe him from the face off the earth?
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Andy Burns[_5_] February 15th 17 10:49 PM
When calling a sipgate number from a PSTN line I hear ringing tone while waiting for the call to be answered, but when calling the same number from a mobile (Tesco/O2), there is only silence until the call is answered. The called VOIP phone is ringing in both cases, with no issues of one-way audio when the calls are answered. It seems this may be due to sipgate sending the ringing tone as...
9 uk.telecom.voip (UK VOIP)
7[_2_] February 15th 17 12:10 PM
Bhtee rejects G Fast claims it is not evidence of yet more krone tool master bation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A report out today criticized Bhtee for G Fast for being yet another krone tool master bation based technology that is not as competitive as pure fibre or as cost effective, or even just being able to be delivered to the customer...
5 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
7[_2_] February 15th 17 11:42 AM
Bhtee VM fails 2020 open market review -------------------------------------- Bhtee and VM fail 2020 open market review to deliver 1Gbit symmetric DSL fibre to premises FTTP for 50 in a test of free market. By year 2020 no one in Bhtee or VM will deliver FTTP service in UK at 50 per month.
0 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
Tim+[_2_] February 14th 17 08:15 PM
Been having a lot of trouble with line noise on incoming calls (from mobiles and landlines) however whenever I try the quiet line test on 17070 the line seems fine. Our broadband is also a bit flaky so I think the problem is real but I curious as to why he line test (done several times) always seem to be fine but incoming calls are frequently crackly. Could it be due to the fact that I'm...
15 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
Flowerpotgirl February 13th 17 07:29 PM
Was visiting a 77 year old today, she is part way through completing a "house move process" with plusnet. She asked me to look at her wiring for her. her phone is supposed to go live tomorrow, but her main phone socket looks like a NTE5 but has no port for the phone cable, the bottom half is just a blank. It is hanging from the wall by four wires, white, black, orange and green. From the...
43 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
Allan February 13th 17 05:43 PM
I've got a legacy Windows software programme (Caller ID) that sends e-mail alerts. It send e-mails via SMTP and seems to be hard-coded to use port 25. I've tried specifying the SMTP address as smtp.gmail.com:587 to no avail. The software producers are no longer in business either (I suppose I could look round for a newer programme). I've got a new gmail account to replace my old...
10 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
SB February 12th 17 11:21 PM
Just got a new Dell Inspiron laptop. That is by definition to be used for travelling. However I have already run foul of the dreaded Windows 10 (Home) automatic updates. Last week whilst doing some emails I suddenly got a web page stating that I had run out of data allowance. Bl**dy Windows had attempted to download a massive update file and soaked up my remaining Three dongle data allowance for...
4 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
Malcolm Loades[_2_] February 8th 17 08:19 PM
I'm probably spoiled by only ever having FritzBoxes which allow almost anything! However, I need to set someone else up with an ATA and a single analogue telephone. The requirement is for the one telephone to receive incoming calls from VOIP provider 'A' and to have a calling plan which routes outgoing calls via VOIP provider 'A', a second VOIP provider 'B', or the PSTN dependant on the...
44 uk.telecom.voip (UK VOIP)
Graham.[_3_] February 8th 17 01:14 AM
Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange/EE is closing on 31 May 2017 http://preview.tinyurl.com/jevzvzk I've had my accounts since 1999 when I signed up for Freeserve dial-up. The great thing that is unmatched by other free accounts is that you can put anything you like before the @ which is invaluable for tracing
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