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Paul Cummins Today 01:31 AM
In article [email protected], [email protected] (Paul Cummins) wrote: In article [email protected], [email protected] (7) wrote: 1gbit fibre is same as 10gbit fibre so no difference there. Its still around $2 per meter for hundred+ cores.
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7[_2_] Today 12:18 AM
How krone tool master baitors BT attacked a UK village ------------------------------------------------------ These *fscking* BT (British Telecum) krone tool master baiters and how they abuse UK villagers seems to come with no limit. https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2018/01/wonky-fttc-broadband-rollout-confuses-aberdeenshire-village.html
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7[_2_] Yesterday 02:28 PM
Local Fibre Unbundling - Waank WaAANKK WAAANNKKhhh SPLAT!!! ----------------------------------------------------------- OMG! Everything is turning WHITE! I must have over done it this time :) The topic of Local Fibre Unbundling brings fear into the
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[email protected] January 14th 18 01:10 PM
It seems all the time I see "7" here I press delete.
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freeflow January 14th 18 10:53 AM
Hi Bt openreach has been trying to fix my broadband problem now for 4 month, when my phone rings i get disconnected. I got adsl and a 8km direct line to exchange,no cabinet yesterday i was in an important conference and the phone disconnected that conference and my broadband when it rang ,so i decided to take the phone of the hook now ,but my broadband download has now slowed down from 700 kpbs...
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7[_2_] January 13th 18 02:19 AM
G.Fast is G.Slow copper - no buyers - BT Openroach shiites itself -------------------------------------------------------------- Mobile companies not interested in rolling out G.slow. Openroach BT (British Telecum) Offcum shiites itself. Peechy situation developing. Mobiles are faster at uploading and downloading
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MB[_2_] January 10th 18 10:57 AM
The Daily Record is reporting that Virgin Media had a widespread fault around Glasgow yesterday. 18:39, 9 JAN 2018 Broadband blackout for Scots Virgin Media customers as firm confirm fault Services in Glasgow and surrounding areas have been affected by faults from around 5pm tonight.
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7[_2_] January 8th 18 07:48 PM
How much does it cost to fibre up Brex****ting UK plc? ------------------------------------------------------ Assume we giving up on Openroch double blow job installation technique that costs between 500 to 800 per install, and assumuming BT's (British Telecum's) 33,000 openroach engineers cannot be retrained by brexit time to install fibre like everyone else, and they install empty tube and...
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critcher[_3_] January 5th 18 12:01 PM
wonder what they lost this time?
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kevin February 22nd 06 09:44 PM
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