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7[_2_] October 17th 18 11:21 AM
Ofcum and DCMS turns UK youth into a bunch of wahahahankers ----------------------------------------------------------- The thick shiites of telecum regulators Ofcum and DCMS have provenly turned UK youth into a bunch of world class leading online gaming wahahahankers. They can't win because of sheeeiiitttt...
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7[_2_] October 16th 18 02:22 PM
Absolute fscking p ricks running Ofcum -------------------------------------- To the absolute fscking p ricks running offcum and blocking social media criticism of your faacking management crap, you need to get out there and start explaining yourself. If you cocked up ****ting up UK with a big stink sending it from 31 to 35, I don't understand
5 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
7[_2_] October 15th 18 11:37 PM
Soviet style Offcum *fsckies* are blocking anyone who dissents -------------------------------------------------------------- Soviet style Offcum *fsckies* are now blocking anyone who expresses dissent. Offcum fsckies are responsible for sinking UK from 31 to 35 and does not like to hear what you think about that. They are blocking it on all social media channels.
0 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
R. Mark Clayton[_2_] October 12th 18 10:33 AM
After all air is free. https://www.edn.com/5G/4461173/A-60-GHz-phased-array-front-end-for-multi-Gbps-wireless-applications 34Gbps
4 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
R. Mark Clayton[_2_] October 10th 18 01:10 PM
Various news reports that after seven years' rollout every premise in Jersey now has fibre broadband. Contrary to claims by other contributors to this that this would only cost tuppence, it cost over 40M to reach 45k premises using 3Mm or 4,000 miles of fibre (reports differ). That's nearly 1,000 per connection! Their government paid nearly half. If you actually want gigabit Ethernet, JT...
35 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
[email protected] October 5th 18 01:53 PM
Smart locks are sure to become every homeowner's favorite. They offer the same level of security as typical mechanical door locks, but provide a range of alternatives to the mechanical key, and a host of other features. Digital locks are changing our lifestyle, leading us to a new digital era of keyless locking! Get Sample For Smart Lock: http://bit.ly/2RnrJL3 Authentication methods: PIN...
23 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
Java Jive October 4th 18 06:16 PM
Not sure if I've linked to this before, so ... "High speed broadband to become a legal right. Universal Service Obligation will deliver high speed broadband across the UK - Published 20 December 2017 From: Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and The Rt Hon Karen Bradley MP
35 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
Clive Page September 7th 18 06:19 PM
Plusnet have changed their billing system and sent me two emails, first to say that this months bill would be delayed, and later to say that it was available. But the usual web links to billing simply don't work, bringing up all sorts of error messages. Don't they test new systems at all? Or maybe they have hired the same IT bunch as TSB? There are scores of postings on the forum...
13 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
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kevin February 22nd 06 08:44 PM
Folks - You are reading this probably because you are considering participating in these UK broadband, ADSL, home networking and VOIP related newsgroups. These are among the finest high speed internet discussions on the internet, with many contributors who have the widest experience imaginable. This forum is a web gateway to this collection of newsgroups. BroadbandBanter mirrors these...
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