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R. Mark Clayton[_2_] Yesterday 07:19 PM
On Thursday, 19 July 2018 20:26:53 UTC+1, 7 wrote: No Customers in London/UK with symmetric gigabit Internet for 5G, IoT, AI, MI, VR, AR Digital --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No *fscking* customers in London/UK with symmetric gigabit Internet for 5G, IoT, AI, MI, VR, AR Digital, so what the *fsck* is any of the Industry...
1 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
7[_2_] July 19th 18 03:09 PM
Copper Master Bation Switch Off Date - The Next Long Drawn Out Conspiracy To Trick Governments and Customers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The telecom incumbents next planned idiocy to extend the life of copper all too clear - which is force government to set a switch off date for copper. This is a completely fake...
0 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
7[_2_] July 18th 18 09:08 PM
How to tell if you need fast Internet ------------------------------------- Internet is now the back bone of Industry. Without Internet most companies would stand to loose substantial amounts of income from the outage. If the Internet is replaced with slow Internet, the frustration and loss of productivity become unimaginable and incalculable. So lets now assume your Internet speed is restored.
1 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
Chris July 18th 18 01:56 PM
Brilliant analysis and visualisation of broadband coverage in the UK from the FT. Shows how stark difference can be just streets away. https://ig.ft.com/gb-broadband-speed-map/
35 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
7[_2_] July 17th 18 09:26 PM
Loss of Britian's Producivity Linked To Lack of Symmetric Gigabit Fiber Internet -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The London and UK has no symmetric gigabit fiber Internet unlike say Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong and all the world's top cities. London has shiiite Internet for new Industry 4.0 technologies to be rolled out. The loss of productivity...
0 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
7[_2_] July 17th 18 01:37 PM
Gigabit Fiber- big Demand with 2000 Gaming PCs ----------------------------------------------- There is no way to *fscking* way is it possible to spend 2000 on a gaming PC and without first spending 30 to 50 per month on symmetric gigabit fiber Internet. There is no *FSCKING* Symmetric Gigabit Fiber Internet in London and UK unlike say Paris
8 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
R. Mark Clayton[_2_] July 16th 18 03:27 PM
https://www.thinkbroadband.com/news/8110-uk-could-be-number-1-in-broadband-league-tables-rather-than-35th Quite a long article showing the methodology was badly flawed and that people are quite happy with 40/10 ADSL and won't pay a premium to go faster. So Hyperoptic, already a money pit, looks set never to find the customers it needs to break even in its cherry picked areas... 7 had better...
29 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
R. Mark Clayton[_2_] July 16th 18 03:22 PM
On Friday, 13 July 2018 17:04:10 UTC+1, 7 wrote: R. Mark Clayton wrote: Dear oh dear - that's not what the City itself says (based on ONS figures) https://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/business/economic-research-and-information/Pages/economic-statistics.aspx We are scroooeeewwwddddd!!!
0 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
7[_2_] July 16th 18 12:38 PM
Offcum has its Blue Peter moment with shiiite flying everywhere --------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.bmmagazine.co.uk/news/worldwide-broadband-speed-league-unveiled-uk-slips-four-places-to-35th%E2%80%8B/ The Blue Peter moment occurred on BBC Live TV when an elephant realizing it was the only elephant in the room started to spray shiite in all direction on...
0 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
Chris Green July 12th 18 12:57 PM
I have a (mostly Linux) home network with a Draytek 2860n connecting to the internet using VDSL. It all works well and much as expected. Mostly visitors using MS Windows and Android seem to connect to my WiFi OK too. However it would seem that Windows 10 (and possibly some iPhones) are failing to connect and I really can't see why. I have a Windows 10 partition on my (normally Linux) laptop...
50 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
7[_2_] July 9th 18 11:43 PM
London touts Investors to go elsewhere to invest in Digital ----------------------------------------------------------- There is no symmetric gigabit Internet in London so investing in London is not an option to Internet entrepreneurs. They all go to France - its simple, just arrive, use Internet to find some good companies and invest. Its all free Internet in most places across the globe now.
10 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
Graham J[_2_] June 29th 18 10:11 AM
My client has an internet connection and Cat5 wiring to a granny annexe. In that granny annexe there is a Linksys adapter, Product Name: PAP2T. Connected to that is an ordinary POTS phone. Voipfone provides the telephone service for this adapter, and for several SNOM300 phones in other parts of the property. The system has worked well for several years. We now need to equip the granny...
21 uk.telecom.voip (UK VOIP)
DrTeeth June 25th 18 04:46 PM
Hi, The main reason I have stayed with BT is so that I would be able to change my ISP on my FTTC connection without any hiccups. Is this necessary these days? I have had enough of BT and would like to move both my landlines from them. Other than my broadband issue above, can any of you recommend a good landline operator with customer service in the UK?
16 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
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