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DrTeeth Yesterday 03:39 PM
Hi, My neighbour has a Sky service. For some reason it looks like he has two routers/Wi-Fi access points judging by what I see when I use a program to show the channels on 2.4/5 GHz. Why is this? I do not have any problems with it, just curious. -- Cheers, DrT
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[email protected] August 15th 18 03:04 PM
Today, Talking Pictures TV (Freesat 306, other platforms) 16.20-16.30 https://www.radiotimes.com/tv-programme/e/fwqvjq/glimpses--glimpses-your-voice-on-the-telephone/ Early 1950s instructional film on how to use the telephone and how it works. Owain
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Spud[_2_] August 15th 18 01:19 PM
+ACI-tony sayer+ACI- +ADw-tony+AEA-bancom.co.uk+AD4- wrote in message news:Dn6DrrDpyucbFwV7+AEA-bancom.co.uk... +AD4- +AD4- Very much as above anyone know of a VoIP handset portable cordless phone +AD4- that has a base unit it charges from BUT the connection to the Internet +AD4- is by wireless wi-fi rather then wired i.e. plugging into a router?. +AD4- +AD4- Or come to that one that connects...
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7[_2_] August 14th 18 11:17 PM
Fake Fiber Roll Out Fraud Hits Britain Big Time ----------------------------------------------- This is a complex fraud involving big telecom like BT (British Telecum), VM, Openroach and those in know at Offcom and DCMS all pretending to 'roll out fiber' when the largest percentage of connections per payment of government grant amounts to 'roll out of copper'. Big telecom demands money from...
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tony sayer August 14th 18 03:52 PM
Very much as above anyone know of a VoIP handset portable cordless phone that has a base unit it charges from BUT the connection to the Internet is by wireless wi-fi rather then wired i.e. plugging into a router?. Or come to that one that connects directly to the net by your home wi-fi?. Any info appreciated. -- Tony Sayer
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maxihatop August 12th 18 01:05 AM
Hi, I would like to introduce you ENUMER - blockchain-based implementation of ENUM VOIP protocol. This is short article about report of ENUMER on OpenSIPS confirence: https://www.bloqtimes.com/topic/opensips-summit-in-amsterdam/ This is projects WEB-site: http://enumer.org/
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7[_2_] August 10th 18 08:55 AM
Wahahahanking with copper G.Fast cut back to G.Slow --------------------------------------------------- G.Fast, the ultra-expensive G.Slow copper sold as fake fiber is to be cut back. No one wants it. Copper master bation nation is finally being shut down by customers and small amount of fiber competition
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Andy Hawkins August 9th 18 04:36 PM
Hi all, We currently have a Virgin Media analogue phone line, connected to a DECT base station which provides answerphone, caller ID and phone service to a number of Dect handsets around the house. If I wanted to keep the analogue line, is there a device I can plug into the analogue phone line, that will then give me VOIP service within my home. I envisage this device connecting to my local...
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Andrew Benham July 29th 18 12:04 PM
I'm planning to switch my landline number over to a VoIP provider, and use an ATA to connect to the existing phone wiring and handsets. That way my aged parent doesn't need to learn anything new. I used to have 2 master sockets - an early NTE5 with a DSL faceplate, and then a single pair link from the filtered side of that to a 'voice only' master socket. That was done to make it easy to...
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[email protected] July 27th 18 01:49 PM
Hi I have some BT handsets with the armoured cord as used on Payphone 500 / 600 (the 700 style handsets, not the flat angular ones) They are of course riveted shut preventing internal examination. They have 6 wire cords (red, grn, blu, whi, org, blk) Are these standard 700 style inserts and on the standard colours red+grn for receiver, blue+white for xmtr? as I am having difficulties getting...
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Clive Page July 5th 18 09:08 AM
Just to give credit to Plusnet for once (or more probably their BT parent): I changed my Plusnet contract recently and added the Plusnet free services of call protect and also caller display. Based on a couple of weeks's experience, call protect (1572) does seem to get rid of most junk calls. We had none for two weeks then two yesterday (and just afterwards some Jehovah's Witnesses called at...
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kevin February 22nd 06 08:44 PM
Folks - You are reading this probably because you are considering participating in these UK broadband, ADSL, home networking and VOIP related newsgroups. These are among the finest high speed internet discussions on the internet, with many contributors who have the widest experience imaginable. This forum is a web gateway to this collection of newsgroups. BroadbandBanter mirrors these...
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