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Peter Yesterday 07:00 PM
I need more help :) I got a RUT240. https://teltonika-networks.com/product/rut240/ Loaded in latest firmware. Spent a whole day trying to get it to work. No luck. One cannot even ping a known-good external IP.
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CJB April 1st 20 07:41 PM
Please can folks advise. I need to upgrade my plan for greater monthly data.. Currently I'm on 17 tariff for 20GB cap. paid for monthly; using a Wuahei mob. boardband device on 3G. If I upgrade that contract becomes 57 per month for 'unlimited' data (=100GB) - expensive. There seems to be 2 options - with a 12 month ccntract 1/ This is for a new 4G Wuahei device; with 100GB data at The...
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Richard Tobin April 1st 20 06:49 PM
Could someone using Zen with IPv6 enabled please tell me if they can access the following URL: https://metamap.nlm.nih.gov/ I can reach it if I disable IPv6, and I can reach it with IPv6 enabled from work, but on my home network with IPv6 it times out. (I'd also be interested to know if anyone has trouble reaching it from a different ISP.)
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Graham. March 31st 20 09:40 PM
It's nice to read the complimentary threads about the ISPs current performance, I'm having real problems with Plusnet, it's very selective regarding what I can and can not use since Sunday afternoon. If it matters I'm a VDSL customer on the Prestwich exchange in N Manchester. Its easier to list what *is* working. All Google websites Google Search, Google Photos, Google Maps, YouTube, etc etc...
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Peter March 30th 20 04:03 PM
Andy Burns [email protected] wrote Peter wrote: I have the 3272. Cannot find the differences documented anywhere. does it say E3272h or E3272s "s" is stick mode where it behaves like a modem, though with care you
5 uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband)
Tweed[_3_] March 24th 20 09:55 PM
It is traditional hereabouts to moan about the state of UK broadband. I'm amazed at how well it is all holding up at the moment. My house is currently running a video stream from BritBox and a virtual pub session with my student son and his mates over FaceTime (it's called the Stay Inn). All day I've been running video calls to work colleagues and haven't really noticed any issues....
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[email protected] March 24th 20 04:52 PM
As we're all supposed to be working from home, etc, this afternoon, - my local council phones are down, no incoming calls accepted - Social Security Scotland phones are down, no incoming calls accepted I know the council is VoIP internally, presumably SS Scotland is too as I don't think anyone installs a major new PABX that isn't these days. Don't know if they're SIP trunks or ISDN...
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Chris March 23rd 20 11:54 AM
Mostly people complain when things go wrong so I just wanted to say that I'm pleasantly surprised that, on the whole, our broadband infrastructure has coped well with a sudden upswing in demand during the day with everyone WFH. I've been doing a lot of video calls, remote desktopping to work, etc and it's been the end-point services suffering rather than the connections. A big thumbs-up...
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Java Jive March 13th 20 10:24 AM
Apologies for the cross-posting, but this is a scam warning, and, despite the fact that it's being sent to people who are tech-savvy enough to use a ng reader, so is probably redundant, better safe than sorry ... "Coronavirus: How hackers are preying on fears of Covid-19 Security experts say a spike in email scams linked to coronavirus is the worst they have seen in years.
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hoangmao300 January 2nd 19 04:35 AM
Just for fun During my sophomore year of high school, we were doing silent work and the history mentor of mine said that we might pay attention to music but if it was too noisy he would "break our headphones." so I am doing my business quietly with the music of mine on low, and this particular obnoxious child sitting next to me had the music of his really loud. I could hear it over the music of...
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