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Java Jive November 16th 19 03:53 PM
If, which I doubt, any of you have followed the shenanigens of our broadband here in Shinness, and our various attempts to improve it, you may be aware that we now have a shiny new green FTTC cabinet at the junction of the A838 and Tirryside at 256544,910287: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@58.0583139,-4.4324479,15z As a result, two local households within a few hundred yards have...
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R. Mark Clayton[_2_] November 15th 19 12:42 PM
Back to the bad old days of you can only rent a phone / modem / TAM from the GPO and pay £££ over the odds. Lots bonkers about this: - 1. Probably no domestic customers need fibre, just A/VDSL - 50Mbps is way enough to stream 4k video. Business customers may do (dozens of PC's on site), but this is a small sector of the market. 2. Leaves Virgin and the likes of Hyperoptic high and dry -...
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MB[_2_] November 15th 19 10:22 AM
Corbyn "Only 8-10% of premises in the UK are connected to full-fibre broadband. It's 97% in Japan." Is it true that 97% of all areas of Japan have high speed fibre broadband? Their urban areas seem very congested with many services on poles and of course they have rural areas. Just always very sceptical of figures like that which can be thrown around by politicians.
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David[_4_] November 9th 19 11:42 AM
I have finally swapped over from my original SH to a SH£, to go from 160 Mb/sec to 200 Mb/sec. VM don't want the original SH back. I can see that I could use it as a WiFi router (as I do with a TP-Link cable router), by turning off DHCP and just plugging it into an Ethernet port. However it would be nice to make more use of it if possible.
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Java Jive November 7th 19 12:52 PM
FWIW, I have recently sent the following open letter to all UK mobile suppliers except Three (because they already have a suitable plan available). If this or similar is an issue for others here, as it might well be, feel free to adapt the text of the following as a basis for your own complaint - remember to copy Ofcom and your local national and regional representatives: Copy: Ofcom ...
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Graham J[_3_] October 4th 19 01:24 PM
Can anybody recommend a PC support organisation in the Holbeach area that would be prepared to take on a farming business? The users have an assortment of different PCs, some farming-specific applications, and several very slow ADSL connections to their various very rural farm offices. None of the users know anything about computers so they need very sympathetic hand-holding, and pro-active...
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hoangmao300 January 2nd 19 05:35 AM
Just for fun During my sophomore year of high school, we were doing silent work and the history mentor of mine said that we might pay attention to music but if it was too noisy he would "break our headphones." so I am doing my business quietly with the music of mine on low, and this particular obnoxious child sitting next to me had the music of his really loud. I could hear it over the music of...
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